Preventivephysical barriers against subterranean termites species for building protection: How to implement innovative materials to reach efficacy requirements

IRG/WP 18-40845

N Delourme-Fonseca, P Poveda, F Simon

As the European regulation dealing with the use of biocides (BPR) for preventive protection of buildings against subterranean termites is leading to more and more pressure on physico-chemical barriers currently used (PT18), some existing developments are focusing attention on physical biocides-free barriers. The main target is then to avoid the use of active ingredients, to stay out of the BPR scope and cancel the potential risk of health and environmental issues. Different techniques are already on the market displaying good efficacy on special areas where termites can be strongly aggressive, but are often applied and limited to some special implementation areas or potential paths for the termites. This kind of product is not dedicated to cover the whole surface of the building, contrary to biocides treated plastic films that are representing the core-market in France for example. The aim of this paper is to present two different biocides-free materials and/or techniques, which have been developed and tested recently in the company, and gave very promising results for being resistant to termites’ penetration and potentially protect building from subterranean species once implemented before construction. Two different types of preventive physical barriers were proofed at the lab scale according to NF EN 41-550 standard against Reticulitermes and fulfilled the efficacy requirements, with giving also information on the real behaviour of termites when exposed to this kind of material. Improving surface or mechanical properties of some materials can represent an interesting issue for better resistance of pest damages without using any active ingredients. Then, risks of loss of efficacy or potential contact of insecticide generally used in physico-chemical plastic barriers with users or the ground are minimal.

Keywords: subterranean termites Reticulitermes, physical preventive barrier, innovative material, biocide-free

Conference: 18-04-29/05-03 Johannesburg, South Africa

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