Scandinavian experience – 25 years’ experience in transforming used creosoted wood into bio-fuel

IRG/WP 05-50224-18

T Karlström

Swedish experiences show that the best and most efficient way to handle the creosoted wood waste is through combustion. The preparation of creosoted waste wood to fuel chips at IQR AB’s plant in Trollhättan is done by splinting the wood according to a special method. Mainly railroad sleepers, but also other wooden commodities, from all over Europe are delivered to the plant. The wood material is crushed in a number of steps to achieve the appropriate size of the chips. The wooden chips are then delivered to combustion facilities in Sweden. The PAH emissions can be kept at a low level due to good mixing, high temperature and a high retention time in the furnace.

Keywords: Waste wood management, waste wood, creosote, combustion, emissions, PAH

Conference: 05-02-07/08 Cannes-Mandelieu, France

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