Status of wood preservation industry in India

IRG/WP 05-30388

S Kumar

The paper traces the history of wood preservation industry in India, listing various mile stones for creation of treating capacity. The preservation industry developed with the development of rail road system on the line of most other developed countries. The most popular wood preservatives are CCA, CCB, ACC, Creosote and recently LOSP have also appeared in the market. The major users of CCA is the Cooling tower industry, which use more than 50% of the current CCA produced in the country. CCB and Boric acid :Borax rule the furniture industry. The use of LOSP is picking up as brush on applications and in the remedial treatments. The overall picture of preservative used (around 1350 tons CCA equivalent) is quite disappointing considering the volumes of non-durable woods used annually 22.5 million m3.

Keywords: Treating capacity, CCA, cooling towers, CCB, boric acid: borax, LOSP

Conference: 05-04-24/28 Bangalore, India

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