Study of properties and application of Paulownia in wood industries

IRG/WP 11-40560

M Akhtari

Important of required raw material supply regarding constraint in harvesting, increasingly population, change in consumption pattern and increasingly focus on wood products and per capita in consumption is obvious for anyone. Paulownia is a marvelous tree species with its characteristics of fast-growing, good Wood quality, multiple uses, wide-ranged distribution, easy propagation, deep root system and sparse crown. The fiber length (0.83 mm) of this wood, which is close to low end of the hardwoods but fiber diameter was very wide, similar to that of softwoods. Paulownia has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any wood. Strength modus of rupture MOR (psi) of Paulownia is 5740. Otherwise has been widely used for fine furniture, musical instruments, carvings and decorative finishes for over 1000 years. It can be peeled for veneer in 1/16 inch thickness and has even been sliced at 1/32 inch. Air-drying takes as little as 30 days. Boards can be kiln dried at high temperatures in as little as 24 hours to 10% to 12% moisture content with no warping. Shrinkage from green to oven-dry is only 2.2% radial and 4.0% tangential.

Keywords: Paulownia, properties, conductivity, strength, workability

Conference: 11-05-08/12 Queenstown, New Zealand

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