Evaluation of outdoor weathering performance of modified wood

IRG/WP 04-20296

Y Schulte, S Donath, A Krause, H Militz

Interlace treated, oil treated, silicon treated as well as untreated Scots pine samples have been exposed outdoors. For evaluating the samples on their long term performance an internal standard had been developed. Parameters to be determined were the uptake of liquid water (submersion test), weight variation during exposure, crack performance, surface roughness and colour change. This paper discusses the evaluation of the weathering test by the weight variation and the submersion test. The submersion test showed practicable results for describing the long term stability of the treatments. Weight variations measured monthly showed reduced moisture change for all treated samples compared to their untreated controls.

Keywords: Outdoor exposure; interlace treatment; silicon treatment; oil treatment; submersion test

Conference: 04-06-06/10 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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