Chemical Remediation of Beech Condensates

IRG/WP 04-50221

M Irmouli, J P Haluk

In the present work, The beech wood condensate are subsequently separated from the aqueous phase. Experimental results reveal the electrostatic interaction between the oppositely charged wood extracts after oxidation and Ca(OH)2. The influence of parameters such as pH, oxidation were studied. The increase in aqueous phase pH resulted in enhanced removal of wood extracts from water. The effect of pH is explained based on oxygen uptake. The organic compounds found in this type aqueous effluent are also responsible for brown color. The effectiveness of the treatment process in the abatement of such toxicity was monitored by following the total phenols concentration decay, COD and color reduction.

Keywords: Condensate, beech wood, pH

Conference: 04-06-06/10 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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