European House Borer Hylotrupes bajulus Linnaeus in Western Australia: the anatomy of an eradication program

IRG/WP 09-20403

M Grimm, R J Cunningham, M Castalanelli, D Collins, L Vagg

In January 2004, European house borer (EHB) Hylotrupes bajulus Linnaeus was detected in Perth, Western Australia. A containment program was set up and expanded to a full eradication campaign in 2008. The program is projected to eradicate EHB by 2021. This paper describes research work and assumptions on the biology and behaviour of EHB in Western Australia, surveillance and control methods, community engagement and regulatory controls on movement and use of pine, and the response of industries producing and using pine timber. To the end of 2008 less than 1% of detected infestations have been in timber in service, while 99% of infestations occur in dead pine trees. Destruction of infested and susceptible pine trees and wood not in service is the main control measure. The aim is to control EHB in the external environment before it makes a transition to timber in service in the built environment. Control methods differ between urban environments and pine plantations.

Keywords: Hylotrupes bajulus in Australia, eradication, biology, unpreserved pine timber, Pinus spp

Conference: 09-05-24/28 Beijing, China

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