Field trials results of preservative treated ground contact stake conducted in Korea

IRG/WP 14-30640

Dong Won Son, Won Jung Hwang, Hyun-mi Lee, Dong-heub Lee, Sang-bum Park

The field trials results from Korea preservative treated ground contact stake are reported. There was two site which was in southern area(Anmeon) and east area (Jungsun) of Korea. The CUAZ, CCA and CBHDO preservatives were use in this study. The sapwood of Japanese red pine stake was treated with these preservatives according to Korea standard method and then installed in 2003. Every year the inspection was conducted according to AWPA methods. The result shows different decay level of coast and mountain site. The minimum concentration of the each preservative could be known from the results. Soil component and the weather condition could affect the results.

Keywords: field test, CCA, CuAz, CBHDO, Korea

Conference: 14-05-11/15 St George, Utah, USA

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