Mould growth on wood-based materials – a comparative study

IRG/WP 10-20455

P Johansson, J Jermer

Ten different wood-based materials - preservative-treated wood, fire retardant-treated wood, modified wood, WPCs and untreated references of pine sapwood and spruce - were tested for mould growth according to SP method 2899 during 42 days at 90% RH and 22°C. Even though the results must be interpreted carefully, they indicate significant differences in mould resistance between the materials tested. Sapwood of pine, thermally treated wood and furfurylated wood had the highest ratings of mould growth at the specific climatic conditions selected for this study. All other treatments seemed to retard mould growth and the least mould growth appeared on WPC samples prepared of fibres treated with an isothiazolone type preservative. Further studies at different climates and at fluctuating climates are required in order to get a better understanding of the resistance to mould growth of the materials tested.

Keywords: mould, preservative-treated wood, fire retardant-treated wood, modified wood, WPC

Conference: 10-05-09/13 Biarritz, France

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