Controlled envelope treatments of Pinus sapwood, achieved by modifications to impregnation process and carrier solvents

IRG/WP 03-40258

M J Kennedy, P R S Cobham

Specimens of slash pine or radiata pine were treated to a target retention of 0.02% m/m permethrin with conventional light organic solvent fluids or with oil-modified fluids (Tanalith® T). Best achievable envelopes from LOSP fluids were poorly controlled, penetrating not only the target outer 0-5 mm zone (mean 0.019%, RSD 28%), but also breaking through into the 5-10 mm zone (mean 0.013%, RSD 37%) and further into the >10 mm zone (mean 0.011%, RSD 52%). With the oil-modified fluids, the target 0-5 mm zone received a mean retention of 0.024% (RSD 30%), with 0.003% (RSD 44%) in the 5-10 mm zone and <0.002% the >10 mm zone. This tight control of toxicant distribution facilitates economical termite control.

Keywords: Envelope treatments, LOSP, subterranean termites, permethrin, chemical analysis

Conference: 03-05-18/23 Brisbane, Australia

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