A novel guide for the determination of the physical properties of wood including kiln drying and full-cell preservative treatment

IRG/WP 04-20298

I Usta, M D C Hale

An ideal flow chart for the sequential experimental determination of a range of physical properties relevant to wood drying and subsequent preservation was designed as a novel guide to assist wood scientists. In this manner, data assembly and experimental processing are shown. This was designed according to experience and published literature. Aspects emphasised in this review were the physical properties which effect the manner of processing particularly in respect to preservative treatment of wood. For this purpose a total of 93 references covering 8 topics (descriptive wood anatomy, physical properties of wood, shrinkage and swelling, wood density, moisture content, fibre saturation point, wood drying (by oven and kiln) and liquid permeability) were reviewed.

Keywords: Physical properties, moisture content, wood density, kiln drying, permeability

Conference: 04-06-06/10 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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