Venezuelan net of test fields for the study of the effectiveness of treatments of non commercial timbers from natural tropical forests

IRG/WP 05-20318

O Encinas, N Mora

A net of 13 tests fields were established in Venezuela for the study of the effectiveness of the CCA and CCB treatment in secondary or non commercial woods from natural forests, two woods from fast growth plantations wee included for promote them as treated timber mainly for fence posts uses. Partial results after two years are presented and discussed the preliminary results obtained both in field and in laboratory. Those studies showed the termites and soft rot attack as major wood biodegradation agents in the country, independently of the geographical situation. The considered combinations of woods, sites and treatments, together the characteristic of each site, shown possibilities for the use of non commercial woods from results with CCA salt at higher retentions. A special call for collaboration between North - South and South - South and advice of researchers is made.

Keywords: Test fields, tropical forests, non commercial timbers, EN 252, Venezuelan timbers

Conference: 05-04-24/28 Bangalore, India

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