Field Liners™ prevent creosote migration from transmission poles to soil during service

IRG/WP 96-40067

M R Behr, G D Shelver, A A W Baecker

A full scale trial utilised 150 12m Eucalyptus grandis transmission poles treated with standard retentions of creosote according to SABS Method 457. One hundred poles had Field Liners™ applied while 50 did not. The 150 poles were used to complete an electricity transmission line in Southern KwaZulu-Natal. After 18 months service, incremental cores were taken from 15 cm below the ground lines of 3 poles fitted with Field Liners™ and 3 without. The outer 10 mm of each core was analysed for creosote content according to AWPA Method A6-76. The mean creosote content (w/w) of cores from poles without Field Liners™ was 2.6% (± 1.6%), whereas that of poles protected with Field Liners™ was 10.9% (± 1.6%). It was concluded that Field Liners™ prevented creosote loss from transmission poles in service and would undoubtedly increase the service lives of such poles. Having established the foregoing, a second full scale trial using 300 similar poles investigated practicable methodology for the design and manufacture of Field Liners™, their application, the subsequent long-distance transport of the lined poles, and their installation in power lines.


Conference: 96-05-19/24 Guadeloupe, France

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