Suitability of cotton strip testing as a screening method for the development of wood preservative formulations

IRG/WP 03-20270

H Leithoff, I Stephan, H Härtner

This paper outlines a simple and rapid test method for screening the efficacy of wood preservative formulations against microbiological attack using cotton strips. The method was evaluated against soft rot and was found to provide reliable information on the protection of lignocellulosic material against microbiological attack. The assessment is based on visual interpretation of decay and on a simple strength test of the cotton strip. The experience obtained with this method at BFH and BAM by testing in parallel a well investigated copper containing preservative revealed a good prediction of the effective concentration on wood. The results of the cotton strip screening test were compared with ENV 807 test results as well as with data from fungus cellar testing (5 year results) and a field trial (EN 252, 5 years).

Keywords: Screening method; efficacy testing; soft rot, ENV 807, field test

Conference: 03-05-18/23 Brisbane, Australia

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