Decay Resistance of Scotch pine Wood Impregnated with Agaricus campestris Bio-Protective Extract

IRG/WP 17-30714

S Yildiz, Ü C Yildiz, A Yilmaz

In this study it was investigated that the possibilities of the use of fungal extract as wood protection solution against wood destroying fungus. For that purpose; the decay resistance of Scotch pine wood samples, impregnated with Agaricus campestris (field mushroom) fungal extract, was examined against the brown rot fungi “Coniophora puteana”. Impregnation procedure was applied in accordance with ASTM D (1413) test method at four different concentration levels (1%, 3%, 5%, 7%, by weight) and by two different extraction methods (hot water and methanol). The wood protective efficacy of extract solutions was determined by means of fungi decay test (EN 113). The results indicated that the retention values increased with increasing the concentration levels of the fungal extracts, in all variations. After the decay test; the range of the weight losses of the samples treated with both fungal extracts was 3.53 to 20.91. Hot water extract was exhibited lower performance than the methanol extract. The lowest weight losses in hot water (4.57%) and methanol extractions (3.53%) were seen in the samples that impregnated at the highest concentration levels (7%). The wood samples impregnated at 7% concentration reached the demand of degree II and showed “durable” resistant. The heights weight loss prevention ratio found in methanol extraction was approximately 89%. The lowest prevention ratio was seen in hot water extraction (34.65%) at a concentration of 1%. Antifungal activity of methanol extracts was stronger than that of the hot water extracts. The variations in which concentration levels were less than 7% could not have been provided adequate protection to meet the requirements of the European norms.

Keywords: Agaricus campestris, bio-protective, extract, impregnate, wood

Conference: 17-06-04/08 Ghent, Belgium

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