TRU-CORE Process for Treatment of Refractory Species and Engineered Wood Products

IRG/WP 11-40573

A S Ross

The TRU-CORE Process is a novel, chemically-based technology for rapidly delivering globally accepted wood preservatives and insecticides deep into the core of wood and wood-based composites in a waterborne carrier. Protectant materials which can be utilized with the TRU-CORE Process include a variety of carbon-based fungicides and insecticides. An important feature of the TRU-CORE Process is its ability to completely penetrate wood species such as Douglas fir and SPF, which are generally considered to be refractory (very difficult to penetrate) and its ability to treat wood composites such as laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and oriented strand board (OSB) without impairing their appearance or reducing their mechanical properties. Some of the basic characteristics of the TRU-CORE Process are presented along with data demonstrating its ability to treat several commercially important but normally difficult-to-treat wood species and composites with protectant materials such as the insecticide permethrin. These building materials, once treated, can meet key standards set by the building codes in many jurisdictions.

Keywords: wood preservative, refractory species, engineered wood, treating process

Conference: 11-05-08/12 Queenstown, New Zealand

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