Selection of an appropriate coating system for wooden boats to be used in fresh water

IRG/WP 09-40472

M Petrič, B Kričej, A Logar, M Pavlič

Properties of several, most commonly used protective low-price coatings, which are used by the pletnja boat owners in Bled, Slovenia, were extensively studied. The aim of this professional, practically oriented study was to compare various coating systems, and to recommend the most suitable one to the boat owners. Regarding specific use conditions, the following properties, including their resistance against artificial accelerated weathering, were selected to be tested: gloss, colour, adhesion, hardness and liquid water permeability. The latter one was assumed to be of the highest importance in the selection process. The best performance was exhibited by the urethane alkyd resin based coating system, so it was suggested to the pletnja boat owners. However, other seven tested systems performed adequately as well.

Keywords: wooden boat, fresh water, surface coating, artificial accelerated weathering, liquid water permeability

Conference: 09-05-24/28 Beijing, China

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