The Form of Copper: Does It Really Matter?

IRG/WP 09-30513

C R McIntyre, M H Freeman, T F Shupe, Q Wu, D P Kamdem

In recent years, several micronized copper formulations for lumber treatment have supplanted the solubilized copper formulations that in turn replaced CCA after its voluntary relabeling in 2004. The micronized or dispersed copper systems use finely ground but solid copper particles and deposit those particles within the wood framework. In contrast, copper in the soluble formulations is relatively mobile and available to react with various wood sites. However, this mobility can also lead to depletion from the wood. This paper explores whether or not the different “forms” of copper affect efficacy of the copper based systems.

Keywords: micronized copper, copper tolerant fungi, wood pH, copper solubility, copper MIC

Conference: 09-05-24/28 Beijing, China

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