Screening of modified linseed oils on their applicability in wood protection

IRG/WP 04-30346

A Treu, J L├╝ckers, H Militz

In this study modified linseed oils, rape oil and three waxes were screened on their efficacy as wood protecting agents. By testing all products when impregnated with high retentions in Scots Pine sapwood on water repellence qualities, additionally an accelerated weathering test, drying quality, accelerated brown rot and blue stain test, an indication is formed of the capability of these products as wood protecting treatments. All oil and wax treatments significantly improve the water repellency of untreated wood. In weathering resistance, maleinised and polymerised linseed oil showed the best results in improving untreated pine sapwood dimensional stability thus reducing crack formation and decolourization by UV-light. In accelerated brown rot and blue stain tests boiled linseed oil significantly reduced degradation and staining. In addition, maleinised linseed oil and a mixture of modified linseed- and mineral oil are very well performing in the blue stain test. Overall most promising products are the maleinised oils and boiled linseed oil. The maleinised oils have good potentials in long lasting water repellency, showed some fungal growth prevention, are colour stable in weathering tests and create a dimensional stable wood product. Boiled linseed oil is not exceptionally good as a water repellent, but the good drying qualities together with easy handling makes this oil a promising product.

Keywords: Water repellency, linseed oil, weathering, drying quality, blue stain

Conference: 04-06-06/10 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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