Fungicidal properties of wood tar being a side product of pyrolysis of previously treated wood with preservatives

IRG/WP 04-30340

B Mazela, M Kielczewski, W Grzeskowiak

The objective of the paper was to estimate the limit of the fungicidal value of wood tar being a product of pyrolysis of wood previously treated with creosote oil or salt preservative of the CCB type. The effectiveness of wood tar in wood protection against fungi causing brown rot and soft rot was compared to the effectiveness of creosote oil (type WEI-B). Wood was impregnated with alcohol solutions of the preservatives and next subjected to the action of the following fungi: Coniophora puteana, Poria placenta and Coriolus versicolor. The fungicidal values of the investigated preservatives were determined with the use of the short agar block method and the ageing test according to the standard PN-EN 84. It was found that wood tar being a product of pyrolysis of used wood which was previously treated may be a potential preservative for wood protection or a component of preservatives. However, better fungicidal properties were found for wood tar obtained from wood previously treated with creosote oil.

Keywords: Pyrolysis, creosote oil, CCB wood preservative, fungicidal properties.

Conference: 04-06-06/10 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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