Bibliographical study: Decontamination of wood and soils polluted by pesticides used in wood preservation: focus on Bioremediation methods using microbes

IRG/WP 13-50292

Zaremski, L Gastonguay, C Zaremski, S Morel, J Beauchene

The purpose of this bibliographical study was to seek out the existence of projects (past, present, or future) on soil decontamination in wood treatment plants. Indeed, such polluted soils may contain dioxins and various types of furans. The aim was to find out whether there existed one or more methods bringing into play biodegradation techniques using, for example, species of fungi, yeasts, bacteria or enzymes enabling decontamination. Knowledge about the feasibility, costs, toxicity and implementation of such projects is also a key point. Likewise, the bibliographical study needed to focus on methods enabling such decontamination pathways and on whether it is possible to consider them using microbes.

Keywords: decontamination, pesticides, wood preservation, bioremediation, wood inhabiting fungi, microbes

Conference: 13-06-16/20 Stockholm, Sweden

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