Laboratory evaluation of four benzoylphenylureas against two species of Reticulitermes Holmgren, 1913 (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) from Southwest Europe

IRG/WP 08-30472

M Gaju-Ricart, M Urbano-Luque, R Molero-Baltanás, C Patiño-Martínez, C Bach de Roca

The use of benzoylphenylureas in baits for the control of termite pest is currently increasing. The chemical compounds used have been tested mainly with American termites. The effectivity against non-American termite species must be analyzed because the worldwide use of those compounds. In this paper four benzoylphenylureas (hexaflumuron, diflubenzuron, triflumuron and noviflumuron) have been tested with two European species (Reticulitermes banyulensis and R. grassei). The most effective concentrations not causing repellency were selected. The mortality rates obtained have been compared among all compounds tested. Our results show more than 95% mortality after a 6-week treatment in assays with noviflumuron, triflumuron and diflubenzurón, being more effective in the order given.

Keywords: Reticulitermes banyulensis, Reticulitermes grassei, hexaflumuron, diflubenzuron, triflumuron, noviflumuron, baiting system

Conference: 08-05-25/29, Istanbul, Turkey

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