Field tests of molybdenum and tungsten baits for termite control

IRG/WP 04-30345

Y Katsuda, K Nakayama, C Vongkaluang

Molybdenum and tungsten compounds are slow acting to termites and show a high termiticidal efficacy. In our previous papers, we have already reported that those are useful as termiticidal ingredients of bait formulations. The demand for natural rubber is still on the increase. However some kinds of termites inhabiting rubber plantations damage rubber trees and pose a serious threat. To cope with this problem, we prepared bait stakes by having rubber tree chips impregnated with barium salts of molybdenum and tungsten compounds and then solidifying the mixture with phenolic-type adhesive. In field tests conducted at a rubber plantation in Thailand, the bait stakes were hit into the ground around each termite mound and the level of termite activities were observed at intervals. After one and a half years from the start of the test, it was confirmed that our bait formulations eventually eradicated termite colonies of Macrotermes and Odontotermes.

Keywords: Molybdenum, tungsten, bait, rubber plantation, termite control, Macrotermes, Odontotermes

Conference: 04-06-06/10 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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