Microwave treatment to Accelerated fixation of copper-ethanolamine (Cu-EA) treated wood

IRG/WP 04-40271

Jinzhen Cao, D P Kamdem

This study evaluated the use of microwave post-treatment to accelerate fixation of copper-ethanolamine (Cu-EA) treated 19 mm southern yellow pine sapwood cubes. Cubes were pressure treated at 3.2 and 6.4 kg/m3 Cu retention target, after which they were microwave post treated during different duration periods. An accelerated AWPA leaching test was conducted during 300 hours to determine the amount of copper leached after the microwave treatment. The amount of copper leached was reduced 40 % after 5-min microwave treatment. The moisture content and the temperature of the cubes were monitored during the microwave treatment. This study clearly demonstrated that post-microwave treatment could be used effectively to reduce the amount of copper leached after 300 hours accelerated leaching test. Further work is needed to determine the effect of the sample size, the power and duration of the microwave treatment on copper leachability.

Keywords: Wood, copper-ethanolamine, microwave, copper fixation, leaching, moisture

Conference: 04-06-06/10 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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