Service Life Prediction of Wood Claddings by in-situ Measurement of Wood Moisture Content

IRG/WP 04-20304

B Lindegaard, N Morsing

The Danish Technological Institute is in co-operation with industry partners running a project aiming at predicting the service life of different wood protecting systems. The project focuses on examining the moisture reducing effect of different wood claddings and the ability to maintain the appearance of the surfaces, when the wood is used in service class 3. A fa├žade construction is exposed to weathering at the field test area of the Danish Technological Institute (near Copenhagen). In specific locations of the construction in-situ measurements are measured of the wood moisture by using resistance moisture meters. Once a year the surface is evaluated in relation to appearance, mould growth and degradation. The examination comprises different types of coating treatments (e.g. non-permeable and permeable and solvent and water-based types). In addition, a system based on stabilising oil treatment similar to the Royal process is examined. This paper presents results after only one-year of exposure. It is intended to extend the testing period for at least 5 years. Furthermore, it is our intention to include a number of other systems and in the future to be able to perform benchmarking between different systems. It is at the same time the intention that testing should form the basis of evaluation of the maintenance requirement and the service life of the wood.

Keywords: Service life prediction, preservation, surface coating, oil stabilisation, Royal process, wood moisture content.

Conference: 04-06-06/10 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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