The quantitative determination of N-cyclohexyl-diazeniumdioxide (HDO) containing compounds in treated wood using TD-GC-MS

IRG/WP 01-20223

P Jüngel, J Wittenzellner, E Melcher

Last year we presented the paper (IRG/WP/00-20201) "Determination of N-cyclohexyl-diazeniumdioxide (HDO) containing compounds in treated wood using GC-MS". Based on the intensive discussion at the meeting, the first experiences made with the calibration of the system for this application will be reported. For the quantitative determination of N-cyclohexyl-diazeniumdioxide in treated wood, milled material containing a known concentration of the active ingredient were placed in special liners which were sealed with magnetic caps. The liners were then stored in a sample rack. Depending on the analytical program a certain liner was transported automatically into the thermal desorption unit. Afterwards the sample was quickly heated to 200°C. Only a part of the resulting gas mixture was pushed onto the column where the separation of the components took place. The component of interest could be identified by means of the retention time and the mass spectrum. The calibration of the system and the quantification are based on 5 different values (TIC, peak height/area with and without background subtraction, peak height/area of a selected mass fragment with and without background subtraction) received from the spectrum. For the quantification it is necessary to analyse at least 5 samples of identical concentration.


Conference: 01-05-20/25 Nara, Japan

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