Grading the Performance of 18 Common Bamboo Species

IRG/WP 10-10723

Chen Lifang, Su Haitao, Zhang Yanjun, Wang Yuxia, He Xuexiang, Ma Hongxia, Xie Guijun

A grading method for assessing the performance of 18 common bamboo species was introduced in this article. The method was based on 4 grade levels with corresponding scores of 4 reference indexes of bamboos including culm diameter, culm-wall thickness, natural durabiliy and preservative treatability. In comparison with the traditional utlilization of bamboo, the grading results showed that this grading method was quite useful for evaluating the performance of bamboos, and bamboo species with higher grade level and higher score was more suitable to be used as timber.

Keywords: bamboo species, performance, grading evaluation

Conference: 10-05-09/13 Biarritz, France

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