Novel bio-based tannin/furfurylic alcohol thermosets: application to wood preservation

IRG/WP 22-40959

C GĂ©rardin-Charbonnier, E Azadeh, A Pizzi, P Gerardin

This project is integrated within the overall context of sustainable development and targets the valorization the wood industry by-products such as polyphenolic extractives, and in particular tannins. The objective targets the use of the same polymer used for production of tannin-furanic foams, but here for wood preservation to avoid the utilization of biocides. The aims is to the design of copolymers based on furfuryl alcohol and condensed tannins. This project was developed in parallel with the project using tannins as cross-linkers during the furfurylation of wood. In this study we aim to use tannins as reticulant but also as a co-monomer to reduce the amount of furfuryl alcohol. Different formulations with variation of tannins and furfurylic alcohol proportions (1:1 and 2:1) and with or without catalyst (maleic acid), with various concentrations in water (between 10 and 50%), have been impregnated in wood. Wood samples modified with tannin /furfuryl alcohol solution presented improved decay durability especially against Coniophora puteana whatever the concentration used and these positive results encourage us to continue this study.

Keywords: chemical modification, decay durability, bio-sourced, thermoset, tannins, circular economy, furfuryl alcohol

Conference: 22-05-29/06-02 Bled, Slovenia

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