Proceedings from the wood preservation symposium "The Challenge - Safety and Environment" 19-20 February 1990, Cannes, France

IRG/WP 3600


Contains the List of Participants and the following 29 Documents (IRG/WP/3562-3590): Canadian code of good practices - Recommendations for design and operation of wood preservation facilities. (IRG/WP/3582) Current models used by the European health authorities to evaluate the vililization of active ingredients from treated wood used inside dwellings. (IRG/WP/3565) Creosote and cancer. (IRG/WP/3572) Surveillance médicale des personels exposés aux produits de préservation du bois. (IRG/WP/3588) Traitement curatif des bois en place. Hygiène et securité. (IRG/WP/3585) Point sur la réglementation et contraintes administratives. (IRG/WP/3575) The environment and the timber preservation in the Benelux countries. (IRG/WP/3580) Safe handling of solvents in relation to classification and labelling. (IRG/WP/3569) Proposed methodology for the assessment of safety indexes. (IRG/WP/3562) Determination of fixation properties by bioassays. A proposal for the assessment of safety indexes in wood protection. (IRG/WP/3566) The risk assessment process. Point of view of a biocide manufacturer. (IRG/WP/3568) Evaluation of the biocide diffusion from treated wood in indoor air. Bibliographic study. (IRG/WP/3584) Etude de l'impact d'un xénobiotique sur le milieu aquatique: Approche méthodologique. (IRG/WP/3586) The effect of acid rain on CCA treated timber. (IRG/WP/3579) Studies on the mobility of arsenic, copper and chromium in CCA-contaminated soil. (IRG/WP/3571) Radical changes in the requirements for rnore safe pressure impregnation in the Nordic countries in 1988. (IRG/WP/3581) Wood preservation and the environment: A Canadian perspective. (IRG/WP/3577) Disposal of treated wood - Canada. (IRG/WP/3563) Composting of waste building up in sawmill dipping basins. (IRG/WP/3570) Gestion des déchets dans le groupe Rhône-Poulenc. (IRG/WP/3583) Utility pole recycling and disposal in Eastern Canada. (IRG/WP/3587) Le rôle de l'expert dans l'évaluation toxicologique. (IRG/WP/3589) Modélisation sur maquette du rejet accidentel d'un gaz toxique dans l'atmosphere. (IRG/WP/3576) An example of media response to perceived environmental problems with CCA-treated wood. (IRG/WP/3564) The role of communication in the field of environment protection. A case study "Wood protection". (IRG/WP/3574) Will political initiatives stop the use of preservative-treated wood in Sweden? (IRG/WP/3578) A new preservative - A double edged sword. (IRG/WP/3573) In search of excellence, a necessary challenge. (IRG/WP/3567) Summary report: Symposium "The challenge Safety and Environment" (IRG/WP/3590)


Conference: 90-02-19/20 Cannes, France

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