The content and mobility of copper, chromium and arsenic in the soil of a wood preserving plant using CCA

IRG/WP 98-50122

N Erdin, S N Kartal, A Dilek Dogu, M O Eng├╝r

Analyses were carried out on soil and water samples obtained from a wood preserving plant using CCA-type preservatives. The plant has been in operation since 1969. The soil samples were obtained on 8 points from 4 different depths. The estimation of the type of soil was followed by investigations of copper, chromium and arsenic contents, and the mobility of these elements. The soil samples were also analyzed for their organic material and carbon contents. Water sample, obtained from a well within the area of the plant, and wood samples, from trees grown in the area, were also analyzed using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. In the desorption tests using acidic medium soils yielded among 1 and 513 mg/kg As, between 6 and 1945 mg/kg Cu, between 21 and 2400 mg/kg Cr; using distilled water they yielded between 1 and 23 mg/kg Cr; Cu concentration remained below the detection limit of the method applied.


Conference: 98-06-14/19 Maastricht, The Low Countries

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