Climate change and wood protection, increasing demand of long life wood products and decreasing production of treated wood

IRG/WP 10-50269

K Yamamoto, H Kato

Several new topics related to wood protection sector has appeared in Japan, as the awareness of climate change becomes bigger and bigger. The “Basic act for housing (2006)” and the “Long-life housing promotion act (2009)” were enforced to form a safe and high quality housing stock and to form a long-service-life housing respectively. Despite of the favorable background for wood protection sector, the amount of treated wood was steadily decreasing to 202,057 m3 till 2008 from the maximum of 445,689 m3 in 1996 (JWPIA: Japan Wood Preservers Industry Association statistics). The discussion in this presentation is how the wood protection sector in Japan combats the climate change through the establishment of appropriate wood protection system. Several keywords are exterior wood products which can improve the landscape of housing area, treated wood products which can decrease the construction cost of house/year from prolonged service life of housing, local wood products which can mitigate climate change through lower embedded energy of sustainable local resources. It also requires integrated strategy to realize the increased utilization of these wood products.

Keywords: Japan, climate change, forestry, treated wood, wood industry, long-life housing, long-service-life

Conference: 10-08-23/28 Seoul, Korea

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