Glutathione transferases and wood extracts

IRG/WP 15-10845

A Deroy, F Saiag, Z Kebbi-Benkeder, N Touahri, M Morel-Rouhier, F Colin, S Dumarcay, P GĂ©rardin,

Wood rotting fungi have developed an efficient detoxification system allowing them to be well adapted to their way of life, these fungi generating and encountering potential toxic compounds during wood degradation. Belonging to this detoxification network, glutathione transferases are particularly extended in these fungi and their presence could reflect the chemical environments encountered by the fungi. To test this hypothesis, we developed biochemical assays to quantify interactions between wood extracts and glutathione transferases from from two white-rot fungi: Trametes versicolor and Phanerochaete chrysosporium. The obtained preliminary results reported in this paper demonstrate that GSTs from white-rot fungi could be used to discriminate wood extracts from different origins in accordance with their chemical compositions.

Keywords: glutathione transferases, white-rot fungi, wood extracts, interactions

Conference: 15-05-10/14 Vina del Mar, Chile

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