The Protective Effect of Different Tree Bark Extractives against Decay Fungi

IRG/WP 17-30707

Ö Özgenç, S Durmaz

There are various modification methods which increase the resistance of wooden materials. Due to recent environmental regulations, there is a need for new and environmentally-friendly wood preservatives. In this study, six different tree bark extractives were evaluated for their wood resistance against fungal degradation. For this purpose, the white rot fungi (Tramates versicolour) and brown rot fungi (Coniophera puteana) were used to determine the level of resistance of the tree bark extractives. The tree bark extractives demonstrated high resistance to fungi decay. Different tree bark extractives prevented fungus degradation for both fungi. SEM images also exhibited this phenomenon. The wood samples treated with extractives were covered with less hyphae as compared to the control samples. The tree bark extractives can be evaluated in a wood protection area.

Keywords: tree bark, extractives, natural preservatives, scanning electron microscope, fungal degradation

Conference: 17-06-04/08 Ghent, Belgium

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