Investigation of temperature effect on fixation of Celcure preservative (ACC) in Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus I)

IRG/WP 03-30304

R Imani, R E Majdar, A Karimi

In this research, the fixation speed of Celcure 2 % (ACC) preservative salt, under temperature of 30 ºC, 40 ºC and 50 ºC on intact wood specimens of hornbeam was investigated. For this purpose, blocks of wood with 2Í 2 Í2 cm dimensions of hornbeam were prepared and saturated with 2% ACC concentration by full-cell process. The specimens were put in three incubators at the above-mentioned temperatures. For measuring the percentage of fixation through time, the specimens were extracted by using hydraulic pressure equipment, under 70 Mpa pressure. The PH of extraction was measured with the method of Diphenyl Carbazid and by using spectrophotometer. This measurement was done continuously and the amount of 6-valence chromium concentration present in the extract was compared with the amount of chromium concentration in the primary solution and then the percentage of fixation was calculated. The results showed that the decrease in 6-valence chromium is accompanied with increase of PH, this due to absorption of positive hydrogen ion by 6-valence chromium for reduction to 3-valence chromium and also ion –exchange of active components with wood during the primary phase of fixation. Also, the time necessary for reaching complete fixation in intact wood in the fixation temperature conditions of 30, 40, 50 ºC were 98, 52, 24 hours, respectively. In general, the results showed that temperature has effective role accelerating of fixation process.

Keywords: ACC, fixation, temperature, Hornbeam

Conference: 03-05-18/23 Brisbane, Australia

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