Control of Asian subterranean termites Coptotermes gestroi (Blattodae: Rhinotermitidae) by a new generation bait system with vegetal extracts-diflubenzuron mixture

IRG/WP 23-30797

F Chopinet, D Messaoudi

The efficacy of anti-termite bait pebble dosed at 0.3% w/w of Diflubenzuron, and Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor (CSI) and 0.6% w/w of vegetal extract from Berkem Biosolutions®, was evaluated in the laboratory on the Asian subterranean termite Coptotermes gestroi (Wasmann). Four concentrations 33.3%, 50%, 50% bis and 100% as well as two neutral matrices, were used in two in-house developed test methodologies. In the arenas of choice, after 5 days of installation, the rate of individuals presents in concentrations 33.3% and 50% was significantly higher than in other concentrations. Total mortality of individuals was observed within an average of 70 days in the two arenas of choice. In the no-choice trials, mortality was significantly higher at 36 days of exposure for concentration 33.3% and 43 days for concentration 50%. The combination of these two test modalities suggests good results for the control of populations of Coptotermes gestroi subterranean termites exposed to these two concentrations of this new generation bait system with Vegetal Extracts-Diflubenzuron mixture. The neutral matrix based on pure cellulose and vegetal extracts, to demonstrate good nutritional value for termites compared to the commercial neutral matrix.

Keywords: termites, Coptotermes gestroi, vegetal extract, molting inhibitor, arena of choice, anti-termite baits

Conference: 23-05-28/06-01 Cairns, Australia

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