Preliminary screening of a boron based wood preservative for biological efficacy (fungicidal) in treated timber

IRG/WP 06-30396

S R Przewloka, J A Hann, P Vinden

The resistance of Pinus radiata D.Don sapwood blocks, treated with a boron based preservative, to attack by five wood destroying fungi (Fomitopsis lilacino-gilva, Coniophora olivacea, Gloeophyllum abietinum (boron resistant), Serpula lacrymans and Perenniporia tephropora) was investigated. A phenyl pyrazole termiticide (fipronil) was also incorporated into the formulation to examine if its presence affects biological efficacy. The raw linseed oil, liquid wax, terebene and trimethyl borate formulation inhibited decay by the trial fungi. Incorporation of fipronil did not impact the fungicidal properties. Fipronil alone exhibited no fungicidal activity. Further investigation of the preservative formulation is currently being carried out by evaluating field test stakes from an ongoing graveyard trial.

Keywords: wood preservatives, decay fungi, soil block test, trimethyl borate, fipronil, Pinus radiata

Conference: 06-06-18/22 Tromsoe, Norway

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