Chapter 7 - Treatment processes of bamboo

IRG/WP 07-10635-07

A K Lahiry

For adequate penetration and retention of preservatives in woody bamboos at green, dry, solid and sliced conditions different possible and applied treatment processes have been described along with their classifications. The treated bamboo can be used as building materials; the sufficient treatability ensures its long-term best utilization at ground contact and indoor. All the processes described herein are not equally applicable for all preservatives and are not equally effective for long-term uses. The combination of treatment processes and preservatives, which ensures the maximum penetration, retention and the highest degree of fixation of preservatives used, is considered the best for long-time use in ground and water. Some processes very suitable for timbers may not be suitable for bamboos due to different inborn morphological and anatomical properties in bamboo. The bamboo preservation techniques are somehow special but easy and less expensive, especially in sliced and green forms.

Keywords: Chemical processes, Non-chemical processes, Pressure processes, Non-pressure processes, Highpressure processes, Low pressure processes, Ultra high pressure processes

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