EVIPOL® and EVIPOL®10TK - Lab and field data on the efficacy of cyproconazole and its formulations

IRG/WP 10-30539

H Leithoff

EVIPOL® (= cyproconazole) is one of the triazoles commercially used in wood preservation. Although this active is well established in some geographical regions, little information on its efficacy against decay fungi is published yet. Therefore, threshold values derived from EN113 (after EN73 and EN84) as well as field test data (L-joint and lap-joint) are compiled. The paper focus on water dilutable formulations and describes the improvements which can be achieved by using the technical concentrate EVIPOL® 10TK.

Keywords: EVIPOL®, Cyproconazole, efficacy, field trial, EN 113, L-joint, lap-joint

Conference: 10-05-09/13 Biarritz, France

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