Wood injurers found at wood processing plants in SR Sloveni

IRG/WP 1140

R Benko

This report describes the stating of damages on wood and taking stock of wood injurers found in the warehouses of wood processing plants in SR Slovenia. The results of this research show that in the process of manufacture vast quantities of spruce-wood, pine-wood, beech wood, oak-wood, and poplar-wood are exposed to numerous injurers, both fungi and insects. The reasons for such a state lie in considerable natural irresistance of the majority of our species of wood, and in the favourable climatic conditions which cause destructive activity of injurers in the warehouses of the Slovene wood processing plants. According to this experiment, the most frequent insects found in wood processing plants were from the order Coleoptera. Very frequent were the insects from the order Hymenoptera, and we also found the insects from the order Lepidoptera. The most frequent fungi were from the class Basidiomycetes, and that from the family Polyporaceae which cause a real destruction of wood. These were followed by the funigi from the family Thelephoraceae which cause mouldiness or white-rot, and the fungi from the family Agaricineae which also cause mouldiness. Besides these were very frequent the fungi from the class Ascomyceteae which mostly cause staining, first of all blue-stain. Fungi from group Fungi imperfecti also appear. These are mostly fungi-moulds which are less important because they cause only superficial stain.


Conference: 81-05-11/15 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia

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