FTIR studies on the weathering of didecyldimethylammonium compound (DDAC) treated wood

IRG/WP 93-30013

R Liu, J N R Ruddick

Wood treated with alkylammonium compounds (AACs), such as DDAC, weathered more rapidly than untreated wood. In order to examine the influence of DDAC treatment of wood on its weathering, treated and untreated microtomed sections of southern yellow pine earlywood of various thicknesses, were prepared and weathered for approximately one month. The changes in these samples were monitored using FTIR. The spectra of DDAC-treated samples showed that the treatment caused the lignin band at 1510 cm-1 to split and decrease in intensity due to chemical interaction between the preservative and lignin. FTIR spectra of the weathered samples confirmed that the removal of lignin and formation of carbonyl groups were greater for DDAC treated samples than untreated controls.


Conference: 93-05-16/21 Orlando, Florida, USA

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