Recycling of CCA treated wood in the US

IRG/WP 98-50101-08

J McQueen, J Stevens, D P Kamdem

The production of CCA treated wood has increased dramatically in recent years. Previous estimates of the volume of treated wood to be removed were based on the assumed service life of the material, generally 20 to 25 years. This study based on a survey of contractors installing treated decks, determined that the actual service life of these decks is much shorter than their assumed functional service life. Home owners replace decks for various reasons beyond the soundness of the wood, including many reasons related to the look, appearance, and style of the deck. These new estimates of CCA treated wood likely to be removed in the near future greatly increases the volume destined for disposal primarily in landfills. This increases the pressure on these sites and may make competing disposal methods more attractive.

Keywords: CC, decks, disposal, re-use, landfills, re-cycling

Conference: 98-02-02/03 Cannes-Mandelieu, France

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