The role of chromium in wood preservatives under BPD - a review and the current situation in Europe

IRG/WP 08-30468

P Jüngel, S Hellkamp

Already during the IRG-meeting in Trømso a paper was presented to give an overview regarding the situation on chromium (JÜNGEL et al. 2006). Already in that year there was an increased attempt to achieve a science-based correct and harmonised solution in Europe regarding the chromium-question by the European Commission. Nevertheless the competent authorities (CAs) and the industry were similarly occupied with the principle question: “Is chromium an active?” and this led to a heterogeneous situation in the meantime. However a harmonisation should be of equal importance for authorities, wood preservative manufacturer, users of the salts and users of impregnated wood. It is time to give a new review regarding the background of this discussion, whereas scientific explanations clarify the complexity of the instinctively simple problem. The current situation in Europe shall be described as well.

Keywords: BPD, Biocidal Products Directive, 98/8/EC, European Commission, chromium, chromic acid, active ingredient, wood preservative formulation, CC-salt, CCB-salt

Conference: 08-05-25/29, Istanbul, Turkey

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