Mould growth on wood-based materials – a simulated in-service study

IRG/WP 12-20503

G Bok, P Johansson, J Jermer

Ten different wood-based materials including preservative-treated wood, fire retardant-treated wood, modified wood, WPCs and untreated references of pine sapwood and spruce were placed in three different environments (an attic and two crawl spaces) for a period of 26 months. Mould growth was analysed at five to seven month intervals in an effort to map the growth development. The relative humidity and temperature were logged continuously. The results obtained from testing in the two crawl spaces generally corresponded well with a previous laboratory study. None of the materials tested could completely withstand mould growth during the 26 months’ exposure time. Most promising results were obtained with the preservative-treated WPC and the least promising with the modified wood materials. For the latter, poor mould resistance is of major concern.

Keywords: mould, crawl space, attic, preservative-treated wood, fire retardant treated wood, modified wood, WPC

Conference: 2012-07-08/13 Estoril, Portugal

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