Biocidal Products Regulation – Structure and Impact for Product Authorization and Testing in EU

IRG/WP 14-50308

M Klamer

Since September 2013 the Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR) has been in force in Europe. BPR replaces the Biocidal Products Directive (EC/98/8) and in some respect marks a turning point in the European legislation concerning registration of all types of biocides. BPR introduces some changes both for suppliers of active substances and for companies that produce and place biocide containing wood preservatives on the market place compared to the Biocidal Products Directive. In this paper, the structure of the BPR will be described as well as the procedure to obtain an authorization for both an active substance and for a wood preservative product. Also the documentation needed will be discussed briefly.

Keywords: Biocidal Products Regulation, BPR, product authorisation

Conference: 14-05-11/15 St George, Utah, USA

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