Investigating extraction of bifenthrin from composite wood products

IRG/WP 11-20467

J J Morrell, L Bell, J Norton, C Shaw

Bifenthrin is added to resin prior to lay-up of plywood and laminated veneer lumber to provide termite protection. Analysis of this chemical in resins can be challenging. The potential for using ground wood in place of sawn material to recover bifenthrin was investigated using laminated veneer lumber composed of Douglas-fir veneers analyzed by three laboratories. Although the results differed among the laboratories, bifenthrin recoveries were almost always higher from ground wood. The results suggest that this method could be modified to allow the use of ground wood if the target retentions were also increased. Other modifications to the standard that could improve bifenthrin recovery and the reproducibility of the method are also suggested.

Keywords: Douglas-fir, laminated veneer lumber, bifenthrin

Conference: 11-05-08/12 Queenstown, New Zealand

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