Alternative fumigants to Methyl Bromide for wood products: Review of the development and preliminary tests of Ethane Dinitrile (EDN) in Canada

IRG/WP 19-30743

A Uzunovic

This paper reviews recent developments and updates in the search for alternative fumigants to ozone-depleting methyl bromide, for wood products fumigation. The absence of alternative treatments may result in significant market disruption if further restrictions on methyl bromide are imposed. This paper reviews key challenges and key attributes of an ideal fumigant and also the status of standardised test methods for evaluation of new phytosanitary treatments and efficacy data required to support adoption by the International Plant Protection Convention and national regulatory bodies. Recent detailed reviews of fumigants have recognised EDN (ethanedinitrile) as a promising product for use on wood products and other commodities. A review of key attributes, history of use and registration of EDN is shared as well as the most recent efficacy data obtained through recent research at FPInnovations. Preliminary data indicate that EDN is very effective against four tree fungal pathogens tested even at a low dosage and very short exposure time (one hour), and was effective against pine wood nematodes in logs within 24 hours of exposure. The lower temperature (10˚C) did not negatively affect the efficacy of EDN as often is the case with other fumigants.

Keywords: methyl bromide, phytosanitary treatments, alternative fumigant, EDN, cyanogen

Conference: 19-05-12/16 Quebec City, Canada

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