Bethoguard; A new wood protecting fungicide for use in metal free ground contact wood preservatives

IRG/WP 02-30301

S C Forster, G R Williams, M Van Der Flaas, M Bacon, J Gors

Research has identified the limitations in both the spectrum of activity and permanence of organic biocides placed in wood in high hazard environments, particularly in the absence of heavy metals such as copper. More specifically, the control of soft rot decay in wood in soil contact has proven to be most problematic. The new organic biocide, Bethoguard; an oxathiazine, has demonstrated excellent potential for these end uses and has shown particularly good soft rot performance in both laboratory and simulated field exposure evaluations. During this research, emphasis has been placed on the inclusion of additional active ingredients necessary to complete the spectrum of activity towards other wood degrading organisms such as white rot and brown rot. This paper presents an overview of this molecule as a new wood preservative and presents preliminary results from laboratory screening procedures.

Keywords: Wood decay, soft rot, oxathiazine, cyproconazole, quat, laboratory testing

Conference: 02-05-12/17 Cardiff, Wales, UK

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