Spanish termites standard UNE 56418:2016 “Protocol of action in urban areas affected by subterranean termite attacks”. Example of application of the standard in a real case in the old city of Vigo, Spain

IRG/WP 18-10912

D Lorenzo, A Lozano, M Touza, J Benito, M T de Troya, J Galván, L Robertson

Termites are wood destroying insects always present in the nature with an important wood decomposition function. In Europe are located in the Mediterranean area. In Spain is an important problem in urban areas. It is estimated about 80% of old historic cities in Spain are affected by subterranean termite attacks and it is the most important damage in wood structures and carpentries, in old buildings even in new constructions. The activity of termites can cause serious damages in structural elements (beams, slabs, roofs, etc.), carpentries (frame doors, doors, frame windows, windows, etc) and other wood elements (altarpieces, furniture, stairs, handrails, etc.) even with risk of collapse in some cases. In the buildings of urban areas (mainly old cities), subterranean termites have the best conditions (temperature and humidity) to attack structures and other wood elements in the buildings. It is necessary to find solutions about the problem of subterranean termites in urban areas in Spain, promoting laws and standards with the collaboration among: authorities, universities, research institutions, technicians and experts in termites. As a result of this situation, a new Spanish standard UNE 56418:2016 "Protocol of action in urban areas affected by the attack of subterranean termites” has been developed and published. In this paper shows a real case of application of this standard in the old city of Vigo, a historic urban area where there are several problems and attacks of subterranean termites in the buildings. As a result of this situation, local authorities have decided to apply the standard and the result after more than two years of application of this standard is very satisfactory.

Keywords: Termites, wood, attacks, buildings, urban areas, standard

Conference: 18-04-29/05-03 Johannesburg, South Africa

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