Effect of different ASAs (alkenyl succinic anhydrides) on the treatment of biological protection of wood in use class 4

IRG/WP 08-40440

C Vaca-Garcia, O Pignolet

The alkenyl suscinic anhydrides (ASAs) used in this work are adducts resulting from the maleinization reaction of fatty acid alkyl esters. Various products with different alkyl groups were synthesized from rapeseed (Brassica napus) oil esters, rich in oleic acid. The liquids obtained showed a viscosity similar to that of vegetable oils and a brown color. When applied into wood, a thermal treatment allows them to react with cellulose and lignin creating covalent bonding. It is supposed that the enzymes produced by fungi or the stomach of termites are not able to degrade the esters in treated wood. In this work, the biological resistance was assessed for each kind of ASA.

Keywords: biological protection, chemical modification, decay fungi, soft rot

Conference: 08-11-30/12-02 Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica

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