IRG/COIPM INTERNATIONAL MARINE TEST - to determine the effect of timber substrate on the effectiveness of water-borne salt preservatives in sea-water. Progress Report 17: Report of fifth inspection (4 years) in Italy

IRG/WP 4103

A Gambetta, E Orlandi

The wood samples of Alstonia scholaris, Fagus sylvatica, Pinus sylvestris were submerged in the sea at Follonica, Italy, in April 1977. Follonica, latitude 42°55' North and longitude 10°45' East, is situated on the Tyrrhenian coast. The recorded temperature varies from 13°C to 25°C, salinity 37-38% and pH about 8. The inspections were carried out after 6 months (10/1977), 12 months (4/1978), 24 months (4/1979), 36 months (4/1980) and 48 months (4/1981). The grading categories of borers attack were: 0 - no detectable attack; 1 - slight attack; 2 - moderate attack; 3 - severe attack; 4 - destroyed and removed. All the untreated samples were destroyed by both Teredines and Crustacean borers after 6 months of submergence. The borers observed on untreated samples were: Nototeredo norvagica Splengler, Bankia carinata Gray, Limnoria tripunctata Menzies and Chelura terebrans Philippi. All the samples of Alstonia scholaris and Pinus sylvestris treated with CCA and CCB at all the concentrations used, were not attacked by Teredines, some samples of Alstonia scholaris showed a light attack by Crustacean borers at the lowest concentration (3%). The samples of Fagus sylvatica impregnated with CCA and CCB at the 3% concentration were attacked by Teredines and Crustacean borers (CCA: rating from light to moderate; CCB rating light). Some samples treated with CCA and CCB at 6% concentration showed a very light attack and all the samples treated at 10% concentration were not attacked by marine borers.


Conference: 83-05-09/13 Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

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